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Kick's Beretta Optima HP High Flyer Choke Tubes

Kicks Industries

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Choke Tube System:
Beretta Optima HP (flush choke is 2.75” w/ threads less than ½” from top)
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Product Overview

Kick's Beretta Optima HP High Flyer Choke Tubes are designed for waterfowl hunters.  They feature a diagonally-ported design for recoil reduction. They are easy to install and remove with your fingers. Please see the recommendation chart below to determine the best constriction size for your application.

Kick's Beretta Optima HP High Flyer Choke Tube Features 

  • Fits Beretta Optima HP style threads
  • Dove Hunting - use Modified, Full or X Full
  • Upland Game - use Full or X Full
  • Quail Hunting - use Improved Cylinder
  • Conical/parallel internal design
  • Diagonally ported design
  • Extended ported section which makes follow up shots faster and more accurate due to reduced recoil and muzzle jump
  • Finished in matte black
  • Made from 17-4ph stainless steel
  • Can be used wth lead shot
  • Easily remove and install with your fingers (no tool required)
  • Overall length:  3 5/16"
  • Ported Section Length:  1 11/16"
  • In-Barrel Length:  1 5/8"
  • Standard Bore Size:  .733

Recommendation Chart

 Choke  Shot Size
 Improved Cylinder  All Shot Sizes
 Modified  All Shot Sizes
 Full  BBB & Smaller Shot
 Extra Full  BB & Smaller Shot

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review