Hogue Ruger LCR Green Laser Enhanced Grip


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Product Overview

The Hogue Ruger LCR Enhanced Grip features a Green Laser with natural grip button activation. The grip is textured with Hogue's Cobblesstone pattern for grip and comfort. It is made from durable thermoplastic elastomer with finger grooves. The laser has an internal progammable micro-processor for flashing, stealth target and steady models with 4 level of brightness. Re-sighting is not required with battery changes.

Hogue Laser Enhanced MonoGrip Features

  • Fits Ruger LCR Models
  • Green 510-540 nm<5mW Class 2HZ 3R Laser
  • Ruggedized 4mW laser diode designed to withstand recoil
  • Prgrammable for flashing, stealth target, and steady modes with 4 brightness levels
  • Re-sighting not required with battery changes
  • Overmolded rubber with finger grooves
  • Cobblestone texture
  • Natural grip button activation
  • Windage and elevation adjustment screws
  • Frame plates are fastened to the frame as the grip fits over the plates
  • Color: Black

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review